Creating conversations,
connecting ideas.


Hatfield House Facilitation are expert facilitators with more than fifteen years’ experience working with internal and external stakeholders and a strong understanding of stakeholder agendas and responses. We know when consultation is required and can design a strategy that defines and addresses the purpose of consultation to deliver decision-makers’ facilitation outcomes. We understand that the process is key to achieving quality consultation outcomes and enhancing relationships with stakeholders.

Our facilitation approach leads clients through
  • Defining consultation purpose
  • Agenda development
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Facilitation methodology
  • Risk management
  • Documentation
  • Pre-consultation and briefing
  • Venue and logistics
  • Post-event follow up

Engaging with stakeholders is a high risk/high reward proposition. Employed correctly, stakeholder engagement can elicit input decision-makers need and use stakeholder expertise to articulate approaches to complex issues. Hatfield House Facilitation delivers a strong focus on design, stakeholder analysis, facilitation methodology and engagement style to ensure your event’s success.

Governance is a key element of any policy or program, and governance groups, including Advisory Boards, Steering Committees, and Expert Panels, bring a wealth of expertise to policy and program delivery.

Facilitation can be delivered both in-person and online, and Hatfield House Facilitation is the industry leader in online facilitation. We provide consultation and workshops using world-class technology and best-practice methods. With web-enabled delivery specifically tailored to suit your project and your team, our online facilitation can ensure your project remains on track.

No matter how facilitation is delivered, we develop an end-to-end service that is effective and productive, all while maximising participation.

“Jo’s approach is engaging, considered and pragmatic. She has a deep understanding of the public system and the complexities of public health problems. This knowledge enables a fast start-up time for projects leading to efficient delivery.”

Planning a consultation event?

Download our free facilitation guide which outlines the Hatfield House approach to holding a successful event.

We offer
Facilitation strategy

We support clients to define the purpose and goal of consultation, analyse stakeholders to ensure the key informants are in the room, develop a structured agenda focused on outcomes, and determine the most effective facilitation methodology.

Interviews and briefings

We hold pre-event interviews or briefings with opinion leaders and stakeholders whose views need to be drawn out to ensure facilitation creates a meaningful conversation with a shared goal.


Working with large groups, complex issues, or working with Indigenous and CALD communities, can require additional facilitation expertise. We have experience collaborating with co-facilitators to ensure clients have the right capabilities in your room.


We can deliver pre- and post-event documentation including background papers, workshop participants’ packs and reporting of discussion themes and outcomes to support the consultation and engagement strategy.

Our services focus on three areas:
Strategic Policy Icon

Hatfield House Facilitation uses a proven approach to help your team achieve and maintain success in today’s dynamic public sector environment. Our TERRAIN model includes:

  • review of the strategic and operational landscape
  • engaging stakeholder feedback on team performance
  • forecasting future skills needs
  • building positive culture and behaviours

TERRAIN has been used by the NSW Ministry of Health and Department of Customer Service, Local Governments and Non-Government Organisations.

Stakeholder Icon

Our facilitation methodology creates the conversations that connect ideas.

  • National consultation roundtables for the Medical Research Future Fund on ovarian cancer, medicinal cannabis.
  • National consultation workshops for the Medicare Benefit Schedule Review on allied health, mental health, Indigenous health, nursing and midwifery, and woundcare.
  • National workshop of program managers for Bowel, Breast and Cervical Screening Programs.
  • Consulting with internal and external stakeholders to understand issues related to mental health research services in a metropolitan Sydney Local Health District and develop a future-focused model arising from the review.
Program Transformation Icon

Excellent facilitation supports governance groups to do their work most effectively, from strategy development, performance review and evaluation, and designing approaches to manage critical issues.

  • Medical Research Future Fund Advisory Board and Mission Chairs Workshop.
  • MBS Review Clinical Committees Chairs Forum.
  • Clinical Advisory Group and Program Delivery Advisory Group Forum for the National Bowel Cancer Screening Program.
  • Healthy Kids Association Board Workshop.