Creating conversations,
connecting ideas.

About Hatfield House Facilitation

Hatfield House Facilitation specialises in working with public sector clients to create meaningful conversations with stakeholders and governance groups.

Joanne Smith is the lead facilitator at Hatfield House Facilitation. Joanne tailors her facilitation methodology to suit the consultation purpose and audience. Using an engaging style Joanne can help to communicate key messages, elicit useful input, draw out differences productively, and articulate approaches to complex issues.

Our facilitation expertise focuses on three areas:

  • Engaging and consulting with stakeholders
  • Working with governance groups
  • Organisational development and planning

Our facilitation methods include one-on-one in-depth interviews, focus groups, meetings, roundtables, workshops, and large stakeholder fora.

Hatfield House Facilitation works with clients across the public sector including:

  • Australian Government Department of Health
  • NSW Health
  • NSW Department of Customer Service
  • NSW Department of Planning,
  • Local Governments
  • Non-Government Organisations
“I would recommend Jo to anyone as a highly competent facilitator, well written planner and methodical in her ability to follow a structured approach.”

About Joanne Smith

Joanne has an excellent reputation for providing specialist consultation, engagement and strategic expertise to public sector agencies in high profile and contentious matters.

Joanne draws on a wealth of public sector leadership experience, having worked in senior positions in NSW Health and in a Minister’s Office. Joanne understands the complex engagement and governance environment of the Australian Health system and has an in-depth knowledge of stakeholders and their agendas.

Joanne has a proven track record as a facilitator and negotiator. With qualifications in law, public administration and government, she is highly regarded as an exceptional communicator.

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